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Special Issue: New Advances and Practices Towards Smart Factory

Guest editors

Submission Instructions

This special issue invites selected contributors of the 49th Annual International Conference on Computers & Industrial Engineering ( to submit an extended version of their conference paper. It
is also open to regular submissions from authors who did not attend the CIE 49 conference. All submissions will be reviewed rigorously following the policy of IJCIM. All papers must be original and not published, submitted and/or currently under review elsewhere. All manuscripts should be submitted through

Important Dates

  • Deadline for manuscript submission: 15 December 2019

  • Notification to authors: 15 February 2020

  • Submission of revised versions: 15 April 2020

  • Final notification of acceptance: 15 May 2020

  • Final manuscripts due: 30 June 2020

About the special issue

Industrial initiatives, such as Industry 4.0 (Germany 2011), Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (USA 2012), High Value Manufacturing (UK 2014), Made In China 2025 (China 2015) and Industry 4.0 National Framework (Italy, 2016) are inseparable from Smart factory. The term “Smart” in factory requires smart decisions on many levels, e.g. , design, management, manufacturing, assembly, operations, control and so on. Many enabled technologies for smart factory are crucial, including artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cyber-physical systems, industrial internet of things, motion capture, computer vision and VR/AR/MR. Thanks for these enabling technologies, key functionalities and businesses of smart factory, ranging from reconfigurable/flexible/smart systems and tooling, adaptive machining and assembling, to next generation intelligent management & control, advanced quality management/engineering, prognosis and health management of production assets and systems as well as learning factories have been substantially improved or updated recently. Besides, more and more industrial and education practices towards smart factories having been conducted around the worlds. This special issue of International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (IJCIM) aims at offering a platform for researchers and practitioners from smart manufacturing and factory as well as from various application areas to discuss problems and solutions in smart manufacturing/factory, to identify new issues, to report new practices and to shape directions for further research and practice. The papers/submissions should focused on new advances and practices towards smart factories that covers , but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Smart Manufacturing

  • Big Data Driven Smart Manufacturing

  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins in Manufacturing

  • Industrial Internet of Things Driven Smart Factory

  • Computer Vision and Motion Capture Technologies

  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality(VR/AR/MR) in Manufacturing

  • Reconfigurable, Flexible and Smart Systems/Tooling

  • Adaptive Machining and Assembly Techniques/Systems

  • Assembly Line Self-balancing and Sequencing

  • Modelling, Simulation Optimization and Applications

  • Manufacturing Execution Control & System

  • Advanced Quality Management/Engineering

  • Condition Monitoring and Condition-based Maintenance

  • Human Factors, Industrial Ergonomics and Safety in Manufacturing

  • Prognosis and Health Management of Production Assets and Systems

  • Intelligent Production Planning and Scheduling

  • Intelligent Management and Control, Next Generation

  • Smart Logistics and Inventory Management

  • Digitalization of manufacturing and assembly processes

  • Autonomous vehicle for transportation, logistics and material handling inside and outside the factories

  • Human – machine interaction and collaborative robot

  • Learning Factory for research and education in industry 4.0