Clinical informatics brings together clinical workflow and business strategies of a healthcare organization through timely and accurate exchanges of information. Healthcare organizations and the information they exchange are becoming increasingly complex necessitating fresh methodological and theoretical approaches on the part of researchers. Submissions with a systems orientation and clearly articulated context of use that showcase inter-disciplinary thought are trademarks of papers published in this area. The boundaries of the system should be defined and the interplay within and external to the system should be described.

By systems, we mean a broader view than a singular focus on the efficacy of a feature or function within a specific healthcare information technology (HIT). An integrated system might be multi-function HIT like an EMR/EHR or a set of technologies that result in measurable outcomes. Such outcomes should reflect the interplay between functionality, workflow, information and strategy. Alternatively, the implications of infrastructure on HIT functionality and system use could be explored (e.g., e-infrastructures). The system might also be the interplay between social and technical aspects of an HIT. A clinical HIT may be used by nurses, physicians, dentists, allied health professionals, and/or other health care providers. We welcome papers that cover these clinical subdomains (e.g., nursing informatics).